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Persuasive writing uses reason and logic to demonstrate that one thought is more admissible than another thought. This process includes using persuasive evidence and good samples, presenting consistent causes and quoting specialists.

Creating a Good Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is a kind of essays that is based on something about which you have a personal viewpoint. During writing persuasive essays you must know stages of this process. It consists of a choice of your position, analysis of your audience, research your title and essay’s structure. Firstly, you should know about what you want write in your essay. Choosing a topic is an essential step. You must select that problem which will be interesting not only for you, but for your future audience too. Then, you must think about your own position in accordance with chosen topic. You must use establishing evidence for support your arguments. Usually students must conduct a research of topic. During research you can use special methods such as investigations, experiments, conversations, tests and so on. They can assist you to pick up the most useful material for your essay.

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