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An expository essay is a kind of essay which presents an explanation or information about something and support it with the assistance of factual material. The aim of an expository essay is to demonstrate other person’s points of view or to notify about a situation or an event.

Process of Creating Expository Essay

Writing an expository essay is a process which presents a subject in more detail. The structure of your paper must consists of such sections as an introduction, the body and conclusion. In your essay you can explain something what is complicated to understand. In the introduction you must provide such information which helps readers to understand the topic. The body must present support details. And as a rule, it consists of three paragraphs. Every paragraph includes a topic sentence and several support sentences. In your essay you need to utilize concise and clear ideas and persuasive evidence for their support. You must use conjunctions and transition words, because they can assist to move from one though to the next. In conclusion you should write a strong statement. You must summarize all basic points of view clearly.

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